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10-09 2022

loongarch offers initial support for openharmony operating system

with the joint efforts of loongson technology and hoperun, the openharmony operating system was adapted and verified with the ls2k0500 development board recently. hence, the loongarch platform has formed preliminary support for openharmony and is about to be fully integrated with the ecosystem that connects everything.

openharmony is an open-source distributed operating system collaboratively developed by global developers and operated by openatom foundation. based on openharmony, many domestic manufacturers have created several cross-terminal and all-domain distribution versions of operating systems. in order to adapt loongarch processors to the openharmony system, loongson technology announced in april 2022 that the company planned to establish an openharmony loongarch special interest group (sig) with partners such as hoperun, herystorm, and loongson club.

as a core co-builder and leading company of the openharmony ecosystem, hoperun has long been playing a key role in building the southbound openharmony ecosystem. the company has launched industrial distribution versions of hihopeos—a full-scenario intelligent iot operating system—for fields such as finance, education, and smart cities. all versions have passed the openharmony compatibility assessment, facilitating the development of products in these areas.

ls2k0500 development board


ls2k0500 is a highly integrated soc based on 64-bit la264 cores. it is designed for industrial control, printing terminals, bmc, and other applications. the chip utilizes multiple low-power techniques, such as advanced configuration and power interface (acpi), dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (dvfs), and dynamic power management (dpm). furthermore, it supports various power levels and wake-up methods, and allows customization of certain chip functions and high-speed interfaces based on specific application scenarios.

looking forward, loongson technology will continue to collaborate with hoperun to extend the compatibility of more loongarch chips with openharmony, create a self-developed ecosystem based on the loongarch platform, and provide full-stack solutions to advance the productization process and the implementation of related plans. at the same time, the two companies will engage in deep collaboration on training personnel for openharmony and gradually open their codes to the openharmony community, making continuous contributions to an open-source ecosystem.