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07-19 2023

open-source network boot firmware ipxe officially supports loongarch

recently, the open-source network boot firmware, ipxe, integrated loongarch patches, which signifies its official support for loongarch. users can use ipxe to boot loongarch-based operating systems over a network.

introduction to ipxe

ipxe is a leading open-source network boot firmware. it provides a full pxe implementation enhanced with additional features, such as:

◈ boot from a web server via http

◈ boot from an iscsi san

◈ boot from a fiber channel san via fcoe

◈ boot from an aoe san

◈ boot from a wireless network

◈ boot from a wide-area network

◈ boot from an infiniband network

◈ control the boot process with a script

◈ use ipxe to replace the existing pxe rom on the network card, or chainload into ipxe to obtain the features of ipxe without the hassle of reflashing

ipxe is free, open-source software licensed under the gnu gpl (with some portions under gpl-compatible licenses), and is included in products from several network card manufacturers and oems.

application scenarios

ipxe has numerous application scenarios, including but not limited to:

◈ booting of bare metal servers

◈ automated installation of operating systems

◈ mass deployment/containerization of systems

◈ diskless workstations